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  • Read the article titled “Computer forensics software, an introduction”,
    located at
    Be prepared to discuss.

  • Read the article titled “How to Preserve Cyber Investigation Evidence |
    Screencast Tool”, located at
    Be prepared to discuss.


    From the first e-Activity, discuss the fundamental advantages that the
    commercial forensic packages offered to forensic investigators. Next, speculate
    on whether there is an overall disadvantage(s) to using commercial packages in
    digital forensics. Justify your response.

    From the second e-Activity, discuss the key process that a forensic analyst
    could use in order to preserve the verifiable integrity of digital evidence.
    Next, identify the main tools or technologies that the forensic analyst could
    use in order to ensure that the original evidence is unmodified.


    PART 2

    Respond to the following statement:

    fundamental advantages of commercial forensic packages are dedicated technical
    support, it is proven admissible in court, and strict quality control for
    forensic accuracy. Commercial forensic packages hold few disadvantages. One
    disadvantage is the high cost as well the cost of annual


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