Power Point on Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (NUG)

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The case can be documented or a hypothetical case (fictitious case). The case will be written up according to the SOAP format (below). presentation should simulate presenting a case to a dentist or an oral pathologist. Presentation may be done in Power Point format


S: (Subjective) Includes the patient’s chief complaint and relevant history.

O: (Objective) Includes the medical history, all data from clinical examination (clinical appearance, consistency, color, size, surface texture, odor, palpation) and radiographic interpretation. Includes noted loss of function or other observations. Also includes any available biopsy or lab reports.

A: (Assessment) List a differential diagnosis starting with most probable diagnosis, and including any other possible conditions.

P: (Plan) List in chronological order. Include patient instructions, referrals, recommended treatment, monitoring intervals, etc.

Overview of NUG

-Painful, erythematous gingivitis

– necrosis of interdental papillae

– caused by spirochete (Borrelia vincentul) and Provotella Intermedia

– associated with stress, drinking, and smoking

– causes bad odor, fever, lymphadenopathy, and metallic taste

– Tx: debridement, Flagyl, chlorhexidine rinse

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