CP Self Reflexion – Peer Review

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Peer review is an integral part of the composition process. While many of us may write alone, in the confines of our bedroom or the corner of a library, this is not how most “professional” writing occurs. By the time something goes to print or goes live online, chances are a number of eyes have reviewed the composition beyond the writer’s alone.

This can often be a nerve-wrecking process. Argumentative writing, more than any other form of knowledge production you may experience, is a deeply personal form of communication. You spend hours and hours pouring yourself into your compositions, only to have a stranger look at it so differently. But seeing your composition through somebody else’s eyes – answering their questions, reading alongside them – can help to produce more lucid and compelling prose.

Like any other integral part of the writing process, peer review deserves the same self reflexive attention. Now is a great time to reflect on the skills and insights you’ve gained regarding the peer review process so that you can become more aware of them and potentially engage them in your next assignment. Based on the feedback you received from both the Canvas peer review and the in-class peer review, answer the following questions in 750 words or more.

1) The idea of peer review can often produce a healthy dose of anxiety. We’re often most concerned with showing peers our work when we are aware of things we’ve struggled with – lines of argumentation that are unclear, underdeveloped use of evidence, connections left dangling, etc? What was your biggest concern about your Rough Draft #1 before you wrote it? Did that concern change after you wrote it? If it did change, what was your biggest concern after you wrote your Rough Draft #1?

2) Did either of the peer reviews provide feedback that addressed your concern(s)? If so, how?

3) Looking at the feedback from both peer reviews, what seems to be the most significant or obvious issue(s) with your paper? How do you plan to resolve those issues? Provide a “to-do list” of what you still need to do to finish the paper and how + when you plan to do it. Time management and planning goes a long way towards making sure you don’t get overwhelmed!

4) An added benefit of the peer review process is your exposure to others peers’ work that addresses similar issues. How did viewing your peers work-in-progress change the way you think about your central concerns from Question #1?

5) Make a list of 3 things you need to do/address from your peer and Professor reviews to accomplish your CP Final Draft.

6) Have you already made an appointment with, or do you intend to make an appointment with, the writing center and/or library? I highly recommend one or both if you can find the time.

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