Israel-Kazakhstan Relations

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Research paper 30 pages

I make the outline already, and I attached it Israel-kazakhstan Outline.docxIsrael-kazakhstan Proposal.docx

My paper has four sections. I want to give me the update for each section as the following:

First Section/ What is the history of the Kazakhstan-Israel
interaction? When did it start, and on what terms, and in what
circumstances?  (4
pages)  Due date/ 3 Oct  

Second Section/ What are some of the commonalities that link the
two countries?  (7-8

Due date/ 10 Oct

Third Section/ What are the benefits derived (or to be derived)
by both countries?  (7-8

Due date/ 17 Oct

Fourth Section/ What are the future possibilities of
this alliance?
  (7-8 pages) Due date/ 24 Oct 

Conclusion/ Due date/ 26 Oct      (2 pages)

each section, I write some information to let you know what I want to
write about, but it’s plagiarism. You can pharaphrase it and exmand it
and add more information.

the professor like to use The Economist Magazine
as one of the sources, and he asked for each page to have at least two
quote from any credible resource, such as CNN or Washington post. I want
photo note.

Please do not plagiarism, and I want to get an A on this research paper

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