Consider EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Business Excellence model – fundamental concepts. How will the model be useful to the organisation SAMH in other to achieve excellence.

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  • Context is Tourism: “Scotland’s most important industry”
    • £9b tourist spend, 14.6m visitors, £12b broader economic activity
    • How can Scotland’s tourism businesses/businesses ensure they consistently deliver excellence?
  • Consider EFQM Business Excellence model – fundamental concepts
  • To help you to address the question,
    select ONE organisation in the Scottish Tourism sector (SAMH SCOTTISH
    ASSOCIATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH) and draw comparisons with at least ONE other
    organisation(s) (SCOTTISH AUTISM) that has been recognised for embedding
    excellence and organisational sustainability. Your research and analysis should
  • Identify 2 organisations(SAMH SCOTTISH ASSOCIATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH and SCOTTISH AUTISM)– Strengths & Areas for improvement
  • Then focus on 1 organisation(SAMH SCOTTISH ASSOCIATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH) in more depth
    • Partnerships & resources
    • Processes, Products and Services
  • Lastly give us 2 recommendations for Quality Scotland QS to encourage Tourism businesses /businesses to adopt EFQM Business excellence model
  • Use the APA referencing guide with minimum of 20 academic resources. The number of resources will show the in depth of your research
  • This report must be written in BRITISH ENGLISH

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