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length for each answer should be around 500 words (about two pages,
double spaced) for each question. Each question carries the same

  1. Why
    did many Japanese people emigrate in the early 1900s? What social,
    economic, and physical conditions made many Japanese decide to seek
    new lives overseas? Explain.

(2) Please explain
differences and similarities of social environments (e.g., social
attitudes of local people toward them, occupations they engaged in,
political issues and so on) of Japanese migrants in Hawaii, the USA,
and Canada.

(3) Japanese
American ethnic identity has been changed since they immigrated in
the US. Please describe the major streams of Japanese American ethnic
identity before and after the war. Further more after the war there
are several different sub-ethnic groups among the Japanese Americans
are seen. Please explain the different ethnic identity groups among
“Japanese Americans.” Please answer theses questions considering
social factors that construct ethnic identity. 

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