Iraq and the War on Terror, assignment help

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Critical review
papers assessing and critiquing those two articles.

Pick 2 out of 5
Articles Attached

this critical review paper you are required to Asses, critique, and then
analyze the two articles you picked.

the analysis of these two articles, you should include a compare and contrast
in the style, technique and content of both articles. For Example: Can I supply
future explanation to clarify or support any of the main points, ideas, and
arguments? Are there sections you don’t understand, why?

format (5-7 pages, double-spaced. APA or MLA style)


You might use your own way or technique to Asses and Critique those two

– You
should cite the two articles you picked as reference. Also, you can use other sources
to supportyour argument.


Adeed Dawisha, “The Unraveling of Iraq: 
Ethnosectarian Preferences and State Performance in Historical
Perspective,” Middle East Journal
(Spring 2008);

Mansoor Moaddel et al.,
“Foreign Occupation and National Pride,” Public
Opinion Quarterly
(Winter 2008);

Stephen Biddle et al., “Civil
War Intervention and the Problem of Iraq,” International
Studies Quarterly
(March 2012);

Nils B. Weidmann and Idean Salehyan, “Violence and Ethnic Segregation: A
Computational Model Applied to Baghdad,” International
Studies Quarterly
(March 2013);

5. David Romano, “Iraq’s Descent into Civil War: A
Constitutional Explanation,” Middle East
(Autumn 2014)

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