The question is included in the requirement section. please make sure the presentation is in the good format with notes.

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Pick a company(In this case, Hotel Indigo) that you would like to work for that isn’t yet a major MNC (multinational corporation), but needs to expand its presence in emerging international markets. As one of the company’s executives you will be tasked with preparing the lead executive for deployment in a foreign country. Across the course, you will create a portfolio of deliverables to support the executive’s successful transition into a new cultural and business environment.

  • Pick a foreign country(in this case Japan) and the particular city(Tokyo) where your company will establish its headquarters.
  • Remember: You are preparing these materials for a top-level executive, so 1) Don’t waste their time; 2) Focus; 3) Be Useful
  • Your executive needs assistance with: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Week 4 Deliverable: Cultural Communication Video (Do’s and Don’ts)

Create a Presentations illustrating communication do’s and dont’s that illustrates critical cultural differences. Include general verbal and non-verbal communication, business and political negotiation.

  • You must use visual aids, but you may not use any text in your slides other than 1-2 word captions. You may use props in addition to your slides.

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