pol sci amendments civil right/wars

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Question 1

Extending the Bill of Rights to State Governments

Constitution began to be applied to the states. Section 1 of the 14th Amendment states as follows –

“No State shall … deprive any person of life, liberty, of property, without due process of law …”

  1. Define the incorporation theory. [definition from the book
  2. Incorporation Theory –
  3. Why was the incorporation of the State Bill of Rights and creating a Federal Bill of Rights so important?
  4. Define the two clauses that deal with freedom of religion and what amendment are they found?
  5. Amendment Number
  6. The Two clauses

Question 2

  1. Define the two Key Words Civil Liberties and Civil Rights [from the book]
  2. Can you use these terms interchangeably?
  3. Please substantiate your opinion to question 2 [above question]

Question 3

  1. Define symbolic speech from the book and give 2 examples of symbolic speech

Symbolic Speech –

Example 1-

Example 2-

  1. How has the court system evaluated [ruled upon] symbolic speech?
  2. Define commercial speech and give one example

Question 4

  1. Briefly describe the time frame of the Civil War Amendments
  2. List the 3 Amendments and their legal definition [as stated in the Constitution]
  3. Amendment X
  4. Amendment Y
  5. Amendment Z

Question 5

The 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution would provide the legitimacy for the dramatic changes in America. List the 3 components which are used in the majority of civil rights cases and other legal challenges.

  1. Component 1
  2. Component 2
  3. Component 3
  4. Mendez vs. Westminster provided precedent for the success of Brown vs. Board of Education. Where both of these cases defined by the 14 Amendment?

Question 6

  1. Define from the book
  1. public opinion
  2. consensus
  3. political socialization
  4. List the 3 sources that influence Political Socialization – Do you think that social media has gained parody or even eclipsed the role of the family? Why or Why Not

Please number your response and make sure when answering the questions to get the answers from the attachments not google.

Chapters from 4-6 for both books

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