Questions to answer while you read the article. Pick 2 of the questions for your initial post, and pose a follow up question for the team discussion.

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1) Who is the author and where is she from?

2) What was the author’s goal in doing this study and writing the article?

3) What specific question(s) was she asking?

4) Who was her intended audience in writing the article?

5) Who or what were the subjects of her inquiry?

6) What information did she gather and how did she gather it?

7) How did she go about analyzing the data she gathered?

8) Did she present the results in a way that was easy for you to understand? If not, what do you wish she had done differently?

9) Do her conclusions follow logically from the data she gathered?

10) Now that she reached some conclusions, what decision could the author or other people make? What might they do or change as a result of what was learned?

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