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hello I did write the introduction of my essay with three thesis statement can you please continue writing the three body paragraph matching with the thesis I made and the conclusion. And if you find any grammar, spilling, run on sentence on the introduction please correct them. Also please use one source in each paragraph in MLA style. keep in mind the assignment is position paper.

here is the assignment description it may help you.

Assignment Overview – Students will write a 3-4-page, 6-paragraph final draft of a position paper (i.e. an argumentative essay) on Immigration or Social Responsibility. NOTE: The page total of 3-4 does not include the Works Cited page.

Assignment Guidelines


  1. be written (i.e. typed) on the downloaded MLA Paper Template w Works Cited page from Canvas/Files/Paper Writing-General Information.

ORGANIZATION AND THE APPLICATION OF COURSE CONTENT-The paper’s organization and content will include:

  1. an introduction (may include a background paragraph before the introductory paragraph)
  2. a body comprised of three paragraphs, each of which thoroughly develops the thesis point and provides evidence to support it.
  3. a counterargument (may include a second counterargument paragraph)
  4. a conclusion that summarizes main points and reaffirms the strength of the argument by suggesting a course of action, describing future implications, or propose a possible solution).

NOTE: For more specific details about the required content of each paragraph, refer to and model the handouts provided for each.

The content for this paper will also:

  1. include rhetorical appeals (logos, pathos, ethos, kairos, and possibly doxa) to persuade.
  2. rely on 2-4 sources that support the ideas presented.
    1. 1-2 sources can come from the class sources posted under Modules or in Files in Canvas.
    2. At least one source must come from the student’s research. NOTE: Sources must be evaluated according to the criteria presented in class.
    3. Sources must be noted on a Works Cited page.
  3. incorporate source evidence.
    1. Sources must be incorporated as follows: 1-2 quotes or paraphrases of source support with an in-text citation per page. NOTE: Do not overuse quotes. There must be a 2/1 (i.e. 2 paraphrases to 1 quote) balance between the use of quotes and paraphrases throughout the paper.

LANGUAGE USE-The paper will:

  1. include appropriate language to support the argumentative genre.
  2. be written in third person.
  3. use present tense, but may include past tense, depending on the details provided. (See more detailed description under Language Use in the Rubric.)

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