1 page per question, double spaced. write the answers in your own words. do not copy any book or internet source.

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1. Discuss the history of public relations (1 page)

2. discuss the 1998 Merck case study: (1 page)

the background of Merck case study:

Spring 1998, secretary at Merck accidentally faxes 18-page corporate merger memo to the Newark Star Ledger instead of an investment broker. She hit the wrong button. $3 billion, confidential deal outlined

—Premature disclosure to the public could cost the company money and reputation

Secretary tells her boss, boss tells his boss

—The boss’s boss (Senior Vice President/General Counsel)has a good relationship with a reporter at The Star Ledger, and he calls the reporter

— Reporter pulls the fax out of the machine and gives it back to Merck, no questions asked.

The reporter believes that her relationship with Merck’s senior VP is more important than an accidental scoop

— Now he owes the reporter one.

One of the CORE disciplines of communications and public relations

— One of the most visible

— But benefits can be hard for management to understand

3. Is facebook dying? what’s next? what will take its place? why? (two pages)

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