Project Proposal

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For this Module, you will be using this discussion activity to help you clarify your project and justify its value.

After you post your proposal, respond to at least 2 to 3 classmates on their ideas. I will send you later.

Assignment Parameters: Write a Project Proposal

This mini-proposal will be short (2-3 pages in length) and encompass sections for the following:

1. Working title of your project

2. One to two paragraphs on the overall idea/summary you will be researching. Include the specific audience you will be writing to. Include what styles or language you will use to reach this specific audience.

3. A list of at least three possible preliminary research sources you are finding useful. Use MLA or APA formats to show sources. Tell why you like each source or how it is useful to your research.

4. Your basic work plan to accomplish all goals required. Include dates to reach your goal.

5. Conclusion: Why is this a good idea for you as a major project?

Please write this Project Proposal according to the format in the example!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and refer to the requirements in the link!!!

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