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this is the task:

Use the following link to access a data set and questionnaire file from a recent Pew Center survey. I’ll let you choose a survey of interest to you. Be sure to download the questionnaire as well as the survey data.

The SPSS file will work only in SPSS; the CSV file will open in Excel, Access, or comparable spreadsheet/database programs. 

1. Familiarize yourself with the questionnaire, which documents the questions asked and how responses were coded.

2. Identify several variables that you think would be relevant to a communication researcher, and create frequency tables for them. Remember that you are looking for relationships, which involves looking at two questions or more for each relationship.

a. From the menu at the top, select ANALYZE–>DESCRIPTIVE
STATISTICS—>FREQUENCIES and identify the variables you have selected.

b. Look at the frequency tables for trends and possible relationships among variables that you think bear further investigation.

3. Perform at least three separate statistical operations on the data set–e.g. a correlation, a single factor ANOVA, a multiple factor ANOVA. Remember that in order to perform nonparametric stats (chi-square or crosstabs), you need nominal order data for both independent and dependent variables; in order to analyze variance, you need nominal order independent variables and interval order dependent variables; In order to correlate, you need interval order independent and dependent variables.

4. Most importantly: figure out what it all means. The heart of your data analysis is a report in which you provide results and discussion, as you would in any study.

a. Results–here, you should simply report, as briefly as possible, the mathematical outcomes and their significance. Include the tables generated by SPSS or your spreadsheet/database and a short descriptive analysis.

b. Discussion–here, you should tell the reader what the results mean–where you found significant relationships or differences, so what? 

Especially important: What can a communication researcher learn from examining your findings?


1. Crosstabulation–nominal to nominal data. 


Click on the item number on the left, and use the arrows to place it in the appropriate column.

One nominal value in for rows, one for columns. Doesn’t matter which is which.

Click on the Statistics button. Choose Chi-Square (upper left), click continue, then OK.

The table reveals how many people are in each “cell” of the two variables.

The chi-square tells you whether there are significant differences among the cells.

2. Correlation: Interval to interval data. 


Enter the two variables, and click OK.

The correlation will be a number between -1 and 1

3. Analysis of variance–nominal independent variable and interval independent variable (factor).


Click on the Post Hoc button.

Choose one of the Tukey tests.

Click continue, then OK.

F score will tell you if there are significant between groups differences, Tukey tests compare each group to the other groups, yielding specific locations of differences (e.g. people who have less than high school education are much less comfortable talking with bosses than people with advanced degrees. Go figure).

Samples of Results Reporting

Chi-square: Chi-square = 27.46; n = 840; p< 05

Correlation: r = .75; n = 840; p<.01

ANOVA: F = 7.2; df(3, 846), p<.001


It should be 6 pages. 

I want you now read carefully the assignment and tell me if you can do it. By the way I am interested in social media field and how affect on the people that what I hope to search about it.

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