Reflection on Purposed Amendment to the Constitution, political science homework help

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In at least 250 words reflect on your proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that you presented to your peers in the discussion board.. This assignment is about creating and communicating a fully developed argument.

  • First, describe your proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution. (this is a thesis statement)
  • Second, present and describe three (3) arguments in support of your Amendment. Think especially about the ideas, themes, and nature of our nation’s founding and political institutions. For example, do our founders ideas of what liberty means support you proposed amendment?
  • Third, address at least two 2 counter arguments that could be made by those that might oppose your proposed amendment. Describe those counter arguments fully and discuss why those counter arguments do not sufficiently counter your proposed amendment to the Constitution.
  • Finally, write a conclusion paragraph that restates your proposed change to the Constitution and reviews what you believe to be the most compelling argument in support of your proposed amendment.
  • Please base your answer off the short response below.
  • I
    propose that illegal immigrants should be entitled to health coverage in the
    United States. The illegal immigrants are only eligible to access emergency
    services and other services that apply to the general public, for instance
    immunizations. Research shows that the illegal immigrants are very unlikely to
    even use the emergence rooms, reason being, they fear and are confused as well
    over the eligibility rules and language barrier. Having this amendment will
    help in cutting down on the cost of healthcare services as people will be
    seeking for medical attention early enough before their condition worsens,
    hence we will have a healthy nation. Health care is a national issue which has
    to be covered in the constitution due to the weight it comes with.

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