Rewiew songs

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For each of the songs below,
provide a 2
00-250 word response addressing the following questions:

*How does the song make
you feel?

*What comes to your
mind when listening to this song? Why?

*What is happening
musically that makes you feel this way?

Your answer should
focus on the musical sounds that make the song stand out
(instrumentation, vocal style, melody, rhythm, tempo, etc.)

Use Wikipedia, the All
Music Guide, or even just Google to help you identify the historical
significance of the song. Be
sure to cite your sources.

All Four Songs should be in one word document.

All below Frank Sinatra Songs can be found on

“All the Way” 1957

“Witchcraft” 1957

“Come Fly with Me” 1958

“High Hopes” 1959

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