Anthropology Critical Response Paper

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Compose a 5-page paper in response to the following prompt:

Explain how gender is a sociocultural construction; answer, what can be learned from studying gender cross-culturally? Use examples from the assigned readings to support your claims.

Given the length of the paper, try to focus your paper on one or maybe two aspects of gender. For example, challenging gender universals, gender socialization, gendered power dynamics and agency, intersectionality, sexuality, and so forth. While you should consult your lecture and discussion notes (you can cite lectures and the films), your paper must primarily be based on the assigned readings for Weeks 1–10. The required examples you include to support your claims must also be from the assigned reading (not personal anecdotes). Be sure to think through your argument to ensure sure that it is analytical and not reactionary.

All readings will be provided after assigned. This assignment will be turned in on NO PLAGIARISM!

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