Human resources discussion

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Discuss the following questions:

  • . Why is it crucial that H.R managers be fully aware of their company’s vision, mission, and strategy? Include some examples.
  • . How can a firm exploit the advantages of promoting from within and avoid its disadvantages? Give some ways.
  • Why is it a must that performance standards be derived from the company’s strategic goals in addition to being based on job analysis and job description information? Provide an example.
  • To which extent do you believe that corporations should make their employees well-aware of how their pay structure is derived? Why?
  • What benefits can be achieved when H.R managers implement competency-based compensation programs that reward for skills, knowledge, and behaviors, such as problem solving?
  • Instructions for the students

    • The answer to each question is not less than 150 words
    • Justify your answers, with the help of course materials, Text Book, Online resources.
    • Referencing is necessary and student must apply APA Referencing Style.
    • Plagiarism is prohibited
    • All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font.

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