Use your knowledge of “Media Theory” and follow the instructions

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I have an assignment for you. I am attaching some powerpoints to help and your text will also help you.

Any questions, let me know.

Media theory question: Due April 15.

Connect a media theory we’ve discussed to the press theories we covered.

I am including the powerpoint about media press theories. Doing additional research on any terms or theories will result in extra points.

As long as the work is cited in APA, MLA or some other form that allows full citation. ONLY ACADEMIC sources are acceptable for media theory assignments though there are exceptions for relevant news items!!

1300-1500 WORDS required.

Your assignment:

1. You work for the leader, whether a governor or a president, and your candidate to stay in power. Using at least one media theory, explain which press theory you would like to see as the law of the land. Don’t worry about the constitution for this answer or possible reactions from the population.

Just use your knowledge of media theory and propose to the candidate you are working for which press theory you would mandate and which media theory you would use to explain it.

Extra points if you utilize a theory from the text we have not covered yet.

Make sure you define the media theory and press theory in your own words.

2. You are a citizen who wants to be informed by the media. You want unbiased, fair information to be an informed citizen. Utilize a media theory to explain which press theory would work best. Explain your answer clearly.


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