Genre Choice Proposal and Justification .,

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you will make the same argument in two different genres. One will be primarily written and one will be primarily visual. Think about your argument. Which genres work best for that? Now choose.

In consideration of justifying your choice, you should discuss anything that you find relevant. Some of these things will include who the intended audience is, who the un- intended audience is, who will support and disagree. How does your choice of genre address these rhetorical considerations? What about the genre allows you to communicate your message clearly? Why won’t other genres work? How to the conventions of the genre help you make your point? Will these genres present limitations in any way? (Tip: Genres always have limitations of some sort.) Remember you will have one primarily alpha-numeric text and one primarily visual/multi-modal.

When considering the conventions of the genres, consider those rules written and unwritten. You may research this (remember to cite), but definitely employ your own analytical skills.

This paper will begin as notes, but be sure to take time to organize your thoughts in a logical and clear way. It should be two to three pages in length in MLA format.

You may organize this essay any way you wish as long as it flows in a logical sequence.

In short,
I’ll be looking for justification of the genres you choose and the rules of those genres.

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