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Need help with below TASK:

The following project accounts for 20 percent of your final grade. The project needs to be submitted no later than Monday Dec 10 end of day. The completed assigned needs to be uploaded to the week 7 assignment dropbox in blackboard. You will submit one word document. The word document should include a cover page with your name. The first part of document will address project part 1 and the second part of the document will address project part 2.

This project provides you with an opportunity to solve a comprehensive problem in firewall and VPN implementation at various levels. You will play the role of an employee participating in the network security update planning process in a specific business situation. The following tools and resources will be needed to complete this project: You will need to download and install NetWitness Investigator ( on your computer. The trace files, scans and reports are uploaded in to the week 6 and week 7 content folder in blackboard.

For additional information about the project please refer the Document attached below.

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