Discussion questions The answer should be one paragraph for each task or less

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POL 151 colleagues—On Oct. 12, everyone will participate in presentations on different national security careers. For the presentations, you will need to research information about one type of national security job or career field and you will need to present information about a national security organization that employs people in this job or career field. A list of national security organizations is posted in the announcements section of this Moodle site. For your presentations, you will focus on one organization and one job or career field. In addition, you will work in teams with your colleagues who are interested in the same organization or similar jobs/career fields. In your presentation, you will cover the following matters. (Note: You do not need to answer these questions for this DB; they are shown here to help you begin preparing for your presentation):

What is the organization’s mission?

What are the organization’s values?

How does the job or career field fit into the organization’s mission?

Does the organization identify “core competencies” needed by its employees? If so, what are they?

How do the core competencies fit into the organization’s mission and values?

What federal job series number (see USAJobs) covers the job or career field?

What are the general eligibility requirements to work for this organization/in this career field?



Are any disqualifiers published?

Briefly summarize the specific job requirements: education level and experience

Does the job require a background check? Does it require a security clearance? If so, what level (confidential, secret, top secret, top secret/sensitive compartmented information)?

Does the job/career field have a physical fitness requirement? Is a medical exam/review required?

Does the job/career field or organization require a written entrance or selection examination?

Is a polygraph required?

Is a drug test required?

For this Discussion Board, respond to the following tasks.

TASK #1. Select two national security organizations (1stchoice, 2nd choice) and two career fields or specific jobs (1st choice, 2nd choice). Your choices will be the basis for creating teams for the presentations on October 12. We will identify teams in class on Friday, October 5.

TASK #2. Read Chapter 9 in our textbook (SWC, 2013) and explore the Intelligence Community website. Take the IC myth vs. fact quiz:https://www.intelligence.gov/myth-vs-fact How did you do? Any surprises?

TASK #3. Read through the “Key Products” section of the website, https://www.intelligence.gov/how-the-ic-works#key-products-carousel (use the arrows). What is the significance of the President’s Daily Brief?

TASK #4. Our textbook (SWC, 2013) provides an overview of different types of intelligence (p. 178). What does CIA director, Gina Haspel, have to say about HUMINT and why it is important?.https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cia-director-gina-haspel-china-is-working-to-diminish-us-influence/.

TASK #5. Explore the CIA website. What is the “intelligence cycle”? What is the Directorate of Operations? Individuals who work in the Directorate of Operations are mainly engaged in what phase of the intelligence cycle?

BONUS (1 point). Read this blog about security clearance adjudicative guidelines and what kinds of behaviors can result in denial or revoking a security clearance: https://news.clearancejobs.com/2018/05/03/issues-r… President Trump recently declared that he was going to revoke the security clearance of former CIA director, John Brennan. Which guideline (if any) was the basis for the revocation?

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