Building a tight narrative and valuation (Finance)

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Please follow attached. I need you to do a power point with 7 slides. And a PAPER that explain everything on the slides. I will be presenting so the paper must explain the slides. Please stick to 6-7 slides. Please find (Clegene final) attachment and build of that. Please be sure to ADD to the excel tabs with any work you do. Build the excel on the “Celgene Final attachment.” The company is Celgene


1-first slide should be a cover slide

2- narrative slide

3- market analysis vs other companies on the industry slide

4- explenation on how you got the numbers slide

5- screenshot of valuation slide (attached is an example)

6- capital evaluation assumption slide

7- recommendations slide.

(narrative should not be on the history or the Headquarters location)

Please make sure that you include the STORY part in the power point and on the PAPER.

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