Extra Credit Paper

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Below are instructions for the 1-5 page paper, in which you can earn up to 150 points, towards low or incomplete in-class activity points. Please select one of the following prompt questions:

  1. What is critical thinking and why is it essential to academic success?
  2. Explain Bloom’s Taxonomy and why each level is important to learning?
  3. Discuss the differences between a fixed and growth mindset, and how each mindset affects your decisions (academic, career, and personal).

A one-page paper will earn 25 points.

A two-page paper will earn 50 points.

A three-page paper will earn 75 points.

A four-page paper will earn 100 points.

A five-page paper will earn 150 points.

Regardless of the number of pages written, the prompt question (see above) must be answered.

All papers must have a reference page and one of your references must be the textbook. The format is MLA style. The paper will be checked for plagiarism, and if plagiarism is found, no points will be awarded.

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