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Outline: Provide an outline for your Final Paper based on the instructions provided in Week Five.

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction
  3. Part 1: Thesis
  4. Part 2: Body
  5. Part 3: Conclusion
  6. Reference Page

Annotated Bibliography: The purpose of creating a list of sources is to assist you in organizing and evaluating your research. The listed sources must be scholarly ones, and at least three of them need to come from the Ebrary, JSTOR, Project MUSE, ProQuest, or EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier databases, which are all available through the Ashford University Library. The list must include the following information for each source (minimum of five):

  1. Name of the source, including the complete bibliographic citation in proper APA format.
  2. Summary of the source (at least one paragraph), including how this source will contribute to your paper.

Here is what is needed in the body for the outline about Law enforcement

  1. If you chose law enforcement:
    Law enforcement professionals must execute justice by upholding the law in an ethical and constitutional manner. Identify and explain which parts of the Constitution of the United States are most relevant to the ethical standards of law enforcement professionals. Explain how law enforcement professionals ensure that they uphold the Constitution. Analyze the ways in which law enforcement professionals use the social justice principles of equality, solidarity, and human rights to build a more just society
  2. If you chose law enforcement:
    Explain why people commit crimes and explain how law enforcement professionals use criminal theory in their practice.
  3. If you chose law enforcement:
    Identify and explain the three main issues that face law enforcement professionals on a regular basis and address the best responses to these issues.

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