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Content Requirements

From the moment this program was designed, a set of nine outcomes
have provided guidance and direction in its development. Every class,
every discussion, and every assignment were built with these outcomes in
mind. They are:

  • [PSY1 The student can facilitate APA guidelines for the ethical treatment of human and nonhuman research participants.
  • [PSY2] The student can adapt psychological principles and modalities in response to diverse cultures and worldviews.
  • [PSY3] The
    student can explain the contributions of psychological theories and
    their relation to current practices in psychology and human functioning.
  • [PSY4] The student can distinguish various etiologies and treatments related to normative and non-normative behavior.
  • [PSY5] The student can design and execute an experiment or research initiative to answer a psychological question.
  • [PSY6] The
    student can evaluate psychological theories, practices, and responses
    from a holistic perspective (Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength).
  • [PSY7] The student can analyze, interpret, and describe data using descriptive and inferential statistics.
  • [PSY8] The student can express thoughts, ideas, findings, etc., in accordance with APA standards.
  • [PSY9] The
    student can devise psychologically informed explanations, resolutions,
    and conclusions for situations encountered as part of human

In a paper, provide a self-analysis on each of these components. Your
analysis should include a personal evaluation of your own sense of
accomplishment (or lack thereof) concerning each outcome. For each
outcome provide an example or examples of how you engaged this outcome
(e.g. an assignment, a discussion, a time when you applied a lesson
outside the classroom, etc.).

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