Compare yourself to your invisible mentor

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For this assignment, determine the best leadership theory for you to
portray and then compare that to your “invisible mentor” in a paper.
Examine yourself using leadership theories, and determine the best
theory you should use. Do the same for your mentor – determine the
leadership theory they exhibit. Then, compare yourself to your mentor.

the assignment, submit the following in a two-minute presentation. Your
presentation will consist of voiceover/narration (from you) with
visuals. The visuals can be created using PowerPoint, Prezi, or
something similar.

How do I create an audio recording for my class assignment?

  • Analysis of the leadership theory you should portray.
  • Assessment of the leadership theory your “invisible mentor” portrays.
  • Comparison between the two:
    • What is similar?
    • What is different?
    • How should you adapt your leadership to be more effective?

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