Write just one paragraph about each topic.

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1. From an organizational ethics perspective, what does the phrase “tone at the top” mean to you? why do you think this reference has so much meaning in any organization? write a paragraph about this topic.

2. The economic and population of the developing world are affected significantly when oil prices rise. why do the economic of country in places such as the global reach to oil prices so severely compared to developed countries like United Staes? write a paragraph about this topic.

3. Many companies use their brand as a competitive advantage. Given your knowledge the global economy, identify three brands you believe have the strongest likelihood of remaining a source of advantage in the 21st century and explain why. explain the effects you believe the internet’s capabilities will have on the brand. from the practice, analyze environment of the company you researched to determine that company’s strengths and weakness. based on the strengths and weakness you discovered, determine what steps the company could take to positively impact the company’s competitiveness. write a paragraph about this topic.

4. two friends are considering launching a small company, which they believe has potential to grow into a large firm in the future, Identify three important factors they should take into consideration when selecting a form of ownership. next, recommend one form of ownership you believe will best serve the organization now and in the future. Identify two key criterial you would use to evaluate different franchise opportunities, then select franchise using the following websites: www.franchisegator.com. write a paragraph about this topic.

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