Ronald G. Spaethe, FACHE, writing homework help

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Interview with Ronald G. Spaethe, FACHE.

3 sources, APA


In Unit 3 you will a report based on the article, interview with Ronald G. Spaeth FACHE, president , Evanston Northwesten Healthcare Foundation, Northbrook, Illinois, which can be found online at:


Your project should include thorough responses to the questions below , but you are not limited to these questions only.

A,Summarize Spaeth’s work and educational background and the award highlighted in this article.

B,What philosophies or strategies did Spaeth utilize and what are your opinions on his approaches?

C,What school of management from Chapter 2 do you think Spaethe most uses and why?.

D, What are the biggest obstacles facing today’s health care administrator, according to Spaethe?

E,For you, the graduate student in health care administration, what lessons can be learned from interview?

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