Social Action Termination and Summary

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Getting Started

Throughout this course, you gradually have developed a social action project proposal that you could implement in your own community, making a plan to identify, describe, explore, and address an emerging organizational or community-level issue impacting your local community and to develop a realistic and achievable proposal for how you might address this emerging need. Social action with communities/organizations may result in significant and meaningful relationships with stakeholders and other constituents. However, for the community/organizational intervention to be sustaining, transition is inevitable. In this module, you will describe the termination process. You need to consider how this project will continue within the community or organization.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Synthesize dynamics of social, economic, and environmental justice to advocate for human rights at the macro practice level. (PO 3)
  • Identify interventions to achieve macro practice goals. (PO 8)


  • Textbook: Generalist Practice with Organizations and Communities

Background Information

The termination and follow-up plans are crucial to any project. A termination and follow-up plan in place will assist in sustaining the project. It is important to consider if there is a need for other agencies or funding sources to assist in sustaining the project. In Generalist Practice with Organizations and Communities, termination and follow-up are described as a planned effort to discontinue or transition the intervention so that the macro social worker Is no longer primarily responsible for the daily oversight and implementation of the community/organizational intervention. Termination might occur when the intervention is successful and no longer needed. It also might occur when the community/organizational intervention is deemed too expensive, a failure, and/or no longer worth the time and attention of the macro social worker, the community/organization, or both.


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Write a 250 word summary of how you as a social worker would ensure the continuation of this project. Also, provide a summary for this project
  3. Termination and Follow-up: Create a plan for termination and follow-up. Include, when appropriate, how you might use community/organizational partners to help sustain the change effort. At what point would one follow-up with this project?
  4. Summary: Provide an overview of the project, including content that you presented in the proposal, and a justification for how the macro social worker is positioned uniquely to help meet the social problem/need.
  5. Important Note: Your proposal should follow APA guidelines for formatting, citations, and references. Your proposal also should reference your readings in this course, including the scholarly articles, websites, and the textbook.
    1. Review the APA 6e Guide on how to cite sources properly.

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