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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify and describe different practices of family literacy in South Africa.

Directions: After reading the article and Molosiwa’s case study:

  1. Identify the problem(s) within the case study. How are these problems in South Africa similar to the issues we have explored in other countries thus far?
  2. Create a chart with the problems you identified and your answer to the above question.
  3. Upload your assignment in the discussion board.
  4. Reply to at least one post using the Ladder of Feedback rubric.

SECOND assignment




Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to analyze, identify and describe issues and solutions in family literacy programs in New Zealand.

Directions: After reading the required readings for this week:

  1. Identify, analyze and describe issues that have arisen in the program’s development in the case study.
  2. Then, in the Issues and Solution Handout(Word)provided, attempt to solve each issue.
  3. Next, save your work as a PDF file.

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