FSN 120 Group Project and Presentation

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I am doing a group presentation on Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream , and I am covering the listed below of the product in the presentation . There is also group report that needs to be submitted . I attached the copy of the report and my part of the presentation needs to be reported in the file. What I need for my part is two slides of the topics listed to be presented , and I need a word file for my part preparing me what to say in the presentation. Please do not forget citation.


Typed report answering questions below with citations at the end and in-text citations(~5 pages double spaced)

    • No grade will be given without citations
  • -Processing and packaging of the product – 20 points
    • How is this product processed?
    • What is the justification for its processing method and steps?
      • Note: This part should overlap with steps to ensure safety from potential hazards
    • How is the product packaged?
    • What problems does the packaging solve for the product?
  • -Food safety concerns (where applicable) – 20 points
    • Biological hazards
    • Chemical hazards
    • Physical hazards
    • For present, potential hazards, what steps are taken to ensure safety of the product?

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