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My own personal definition of a fixed mindset is someone that has their whole life laid out in front of the. What I mean by that is a person that knows what they’re going to have before they have it. kids are born in to wealthier family’s that own companies and now they a job without trying. I know that my definition isn’t a traditional definition but I’ve seen friend throughout school that under achieved because their parents give then anything and everything they want without trying. A growth mindset to me is someone that isn’t satisfied with what they have and want to keep expanding their selves. I’ve witnessed people who’ve came from poorer family surpass everyone’s expectations, they were so hungry for success that they wouldn’t let passed failures manipulate their future self.

  I think my example of a fixed mindset was with the birth of my second son. my oldest son and youngest don have different mothers, so when my youngest son was born I thought I knew it all. Since it was my wife’s first child and I had already been through it I had a specific way of raising a child. Since this was my wife’s first child see did a lot of research and continued to learn new techniques for the baby, and every time she tried to show me a different way I was so fixated on the way I did it before. I wasn’t open to trying new thing because the way I raised my oldest son worked out fine for me.

  The way I could have changed my thought to have a growth mindset was to listen to my wife, which I ended up doing after she showed me the research. An example on this was gentle parenting, when I was a child I used to get spanked when I got in trouble. But after looking at the long term effect of spanking I changed my mind, I read on gentle parenting pages that when you spank your children that they feel distant from you and they grow up thinking that they can’t trust you (

Having a growth mindset in school for me is important for success. I think that if I can continue to expand my knowledge of different subject will do extremely well in college. I didn’t decide to try college again because it was easy, I came back to college for the challenge of bettering myself and expanding my knowledge.

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