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This is the topic, I need to turn this into a 10-12 page research paper/Double spaced/New Times roman font/ IAW Bluebook formatting.

The impact of police investigation, eyewitness identification and the role of prosecutors in the outcome of court cases in the United States.

Criminal justice system should be fair and efficient for it to be declared legitimate. Fairness is determined by its thoroughness whereas as effectiveness depends on its ability to ascertain and detect crime. Usually, impartiality and efficiency in the criminal justice system are based on the results of court cases. Moreover, a proper criminal justice system is what the public expect from the judicial process. This paper seeks to investigate the contribution of police investigations, eyewitness identification, and the conduct of prosecutors to the outcome of court cases. Whether these three factors are significant in contributing to wrongful convictions by the tribunals in the United States is what the study intends to prove.  Wrongful convictions lead to the suffering of innocent people while the real perpetrators of crime escape punishment. Moreover, public confidence in the judicial system is known to decline as the number of wrongful convictions increases. Therefore, researching on this topic would be of benefit in minimizing wrong convictions resulting from the mentioned factors. The study intends to utilize secondary sources such as court cases and other legal publications to gather relevant statistics on wrongful convictions.

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