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The goal of this project is to put all the pieces of the course
together to create a hypothetical risk assessment and mitigation plan.
This exercise will demonstrate to you the complex process that is
involved in creating such plans.


Assume the role of risk manager/security professional and include the following information in your plan.

  1. Hazard is Tsunami’s.
  2. Assess the criticalities and consequences of your chosen hazard.
  3. Choose a facility (business, school, government, etc.)
  4. What countermeasures are in place?
  5. Are the countermeasures in place designed to deal with your hazard?
  6. How will you assess the probability of the hazard occurring?
  7. Given what you know from the answers to the above mentioned
    questions, what mitigation strategies would you recommend to deal with
    your hazard? Why?

Your essay should be 7-9 pages long, cite at least seven different sources and be formatted according to APA Requirements.
Use credible sources such as peer-reviewed articles, expert blogs,
academic journals. You are also encouraged (but not
required) to use civil and criminal cases.

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