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Research: Aksum: Yesterday and Today

Now it is time to take the knowledge we’ve gained from our excavation and write a report on Axum. We have learned about the geography, religion, culture, and economy of the ancient kingdom of Aksum. What is Aksum like today? A big change is the name, since the kingdom of Aksum adopted the name Ethiopia in the Fourth Century and is now the location of the country of Ethiopia. Is it different geographically, culturally, or economically?

Click here to download a venn diagram to organize your research of the differences between the ancient kingdom of Aksum and modern Ethiopia. Compare the geography, religion, culture, and economy of Aksum and Ethiopia.

You must use at least three sources in your research. They may all be internet sources, but you may also go to the library to do some research. Use the worksheet to assist you in creating a works cited page or bibliography.

Click here to download the worksheet.

You will need to create a separate document for your works cited page, but use this worksheet for guidance and as a model.

Use the following terms as you research (you may combine terms in a search):

  • the Ancient Kingdom of Aksum (Axum)
  • Ethiopia (the CIA World Fact Book is a good site to research)
  • geography
  • religion
  • culture
  • economy

You will submit the completed organizer and the works cited page to your teacher when you finish. Click here to see how your assignment will be graded.

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