African-Americans adapted to life under slavery, (150 words), history homework help

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Last week we read Chapter 6 of the textbook. From last week’s discussion question and from your readings, share what you learned about how African-Americans adapted to life under slavery. Your response must be a minimum of 150 words in length and no responses to classmates are required for this follow up question. 

The text book is Darlene Hine, William Hine, and Stanley Harrold. The African-American Odyssey:

Volume I , 6th ed. New Jersey: Pearson 2014.

This is the question and discussion from last week to use.

Slavery and the South…Slave system dealt with a variety of slave categories and work duties that tied to the economics of the South.

Slavery in America started when the African slaves were taken toward the North American state of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, to help in the generation of such lucrative yields as tobacco. Slavery was polished all through the American provinces in the years seventeenth and eighteenth hundred. The innovation of the cotton gin in 1793 hardened the focal significance of servitude toward the South’s economy. At the time when the States of America split from England, Thomas Jefferson was asked to compose the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress. In the statement, Jefferson communicated American grievances. His words announced America’s standards of flexibility and fairness (Wills, 2002). Numerous colonials detested enslavement in any case Southern pilgrims depended on slavery; their money yields of tobacco, indigo, and rice relied on slave work.

The first American government started under the Articles of Confederation, received in 1781. In May 1787, fifty-five envoys from twelve states assembled in Philadelphia. Their objective was to modify the Articles of Confederation. Assembling in secret, they immediately changed their objective and composed another Constitution which would have three branches; the two house council, executive, and the judiciary. The statement about fugitive slaves implemented through enactment went in 1793 and 1850 permitted the search of escaped slaves into the North (White, 2012). It likewise brought about the illicit capture and enslavement of a vast number of free blacks. In twelve of the initial sixteen presidential decisions, a Southern slave proprietor won, developing the slave exchange past 1800 borne numerous slaves to America requiring the Congress to vote overwhelmingly for an end of the trade.

The Declaration of Independence communicated grand beliefs of equity. The designers of the Constitution plan on making another administration left essential questions of uniformity and decency to what’s to come (Blanchard, 2002). 


Blanchard, P. (2002). The language of liberation: Slave voices in the wars of Independence 82(3), 499-523.

White, S. (2012). Somewhat More Independent: The End of Slavery in New York City, 1770-1810. University of Georgia Press.

Wills, G. (2002). Inventing America: Jefferson’s declaration of independence.Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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