Complete 4 Short Discussions (CSU)

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1: Think about an example of a leader with whom you have worked who has effectively motivated a group. What do you think she or he did and why it was effective? Alternatively, provide an example of a leader who was ineffective at motivating others. Why do you think he or she was ineffective? Make some suggestions as to how things could have been done differently to make the situation more effective.

2: Our textbook guides students toward using a process-oriented approach to professional writing and communication. What does it mean to use a “process-oriented approach”? Why is this approach advantageous? Let’s also discuss strategies that we can use during each step of the process.

3: Over the last 50 years, the United States labor economy has changed from a manufacturing to service and technology focus. Other than the obvious changes, such as fewer mine tragedies and more carpal tunnel syndrome, what other trends in employment safety do you predict, and what is your evidence for that prediction? How should companies respond? How would you respond? Why?

4: Some people like to read books, while others like to watch or play sports. Clearly, everyone prefers some activities over others. Why do you think this is? Could genetics play a part in determining what people like to do for entertainment?

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