ENG102 Composition II (2 Part research paper) APA Format cite 7 APA formated sources

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As you will read below I would like my research proposal to be along the lines of: ” Comparing both the job market and salary expectations for Project Managers possessing different degree levels IE…BS, MBA, or PhD compared to those who have cirtifications IE…Lean Six Sigma, PMP both with and without a degree. I would like to make these comparisons across a large range of Project Managers positions IE…Construction Management, Health Care Management, IT Management, Energy, Gas, Finance and Engineering.”

I have attached a Template to be used that the professor will be looking for.

I have also attached the rubric to be followed, as this project will take sometime, please ask any questions along the way you may need.

Module 3: Critical Thinking

Research Proposal and Preliminary Bibliography

In Module 2, you began conducting research for your final paper examining one of the themes noted in the course.

For this Critical Thinking Assignment, provide a short research
proposal and cite 7 or more credible sources in an annotated
bibliography. You may use the sources you worked with in this week’s

This critical thinking assignment has two parts.

Part 1: Research Proposal

Address the following in your proposal:

  • What topic/question do you plan to research? Why? What sparks your
    interest in this issue? And why does this issue matter to others beyond
  • Who are the various stakeholders when it comes to this issue? Then,
    who your intended audience? What specific group of individuals has the
    power to make change when it comes to this issue?
  • How have you narrowed this topic/question to make it more manageable? How could you keep narrowing it if needed?
  • What makes your topic/question debatable? What are 3-5 open-ended questions within this topic?
  • Based on your preliminary bibliography, how researchable does this
    question seem? Have you found a wealth of diverse sources and opinions?
    How credible and reliable do your sources seem? How easy or difficult
    was it to find peer-reviewed/scholarly sources? Which sources are most
    promising? Why?

NOTE: This assignment is not a full
research essay. For now, you are writing a few paragraphs defending
your research topic, why it matters, what its central questions are,

Your research proposal must be approved by your instructor to move forward with your research.

Part 2: Annotated Bibliography

Address the following for the annotated bibliography:

  • APA formatting for the citations
  • Citations/sources listed in alphabetical order
  • Note how each source will help you explore your topic more fully.
  • All sources should be print books, eBooks from the library, articles
    from the library databases, or articles (print or web) from local,
    regional, and national/international newspapers and magazines. No
    general websites, .com websites, wiki sites, personal blogs, etc.
  • At least 2 of your sources need to be peer-reviewed/scholarly
    journal articles from the library databases. What is a peer-reviewed
    scholarly article? Watch the following video: The Peer Review Process (Links to an external site.)
  • All sources should be from the last five years (approx.) to avoid
    out of date information. Include annotations for at least 4-5 sources
    cited in the discussion board.

Use the following template:

  • Research Proposal and Preliminary Bibliography Template (Template found in the Module folder.)

Required elements to turn in with submission:

  • Research Proposal
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Appendix – following references:
    • Pattern of error log (Template found in the Module folder.)
    • Turnitin report (provide similarity score and any comments)


  • Part 1 Length: Minimum of 300 words
  • Part 2 Length: 1-2 paragraphs

Refer to the Critical Thinking Assignment Rubric available in the
Module 3 Folder for more information on assignment expectations and

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