Reading Research Literature

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Research Literature

Guidelines Reading Research Literature Form.docx


The student will read research literature to determine the
research purpose, question, design, population, sample, limitations, data
collection and analysis.


1.  Download the
research articles from the library.

Retrieve the following
research articles:

George, S., &
Thomas, S. (2010). Lived experience of diabetes among older, rural people. Journal
of Advanced Nursing
, 66(5), 1092-1100.

Hunt, C.,
Sanderson, B., Ellison, K., (2014). Support
for diabetes using technology: A pilot study to improve self-management. MedSurg
23(4), 231-237.

2.  Download
NR439_RRL_form and type answers to the questions directly onto the form. Your
paper does NOT need to follow APA formatting; however, you are expected to use
correct grammar, spelling, syntax, and write in complete sentences.

3.  Save the

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