Information and Technology in a global economy – Decision Making Using System Models

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Please read an attached chapter and try to
find any related articles on the particular chapter and write summary and its
review which is related to the chapter 5 topic. Please find the below question.
Please follow APA formatting. Also please include article reference page with
the writing. Please write minimum of 500 words.

student will create a new wiki assignment for a peer-reviewed research paper
that pertains to the week’s assigned reading. This will be a detailed summary
of the research paper and what you gained from the research. Each week, you
will find an article/peer-reviewed research paper that pertains to the week’s
assignment. If you have a difficult time, Google Scholar is a wonderful
location to find these types of articles:


find the article, you will simply read it and then write a review of it.

of it as an article review where you submit a short overview of the


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