Complete Psychology Assignment

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Assignment 1: Chapter 8

The goals of the research activities are to: (1) relate Chapter 8 on an applied learning dimension, and (2) get you involved in research and update your proposed research study design.

Develop your research hypothesis (CHOOSE A PSYCHOLOGICAL TOPIC AND HYPOTHESIS) into an experimental design. Your objective is to use a systematic, step by step process to test your hypothesis of your experimental research design from the previous semester. Fill in the following information

What is your research hypothesis?

What is your population of interest?

How will you sample? Estimate the needed sample size.

How will you assign participants to conditions (i.e., groups)?

Manipulation of an independent variable

Experimental design (do you have an experimental design?

How many independent variables? How many levels of each independent variable?

Operationally define your independent and dependent variables

Specify controls in your experimental design

What statistical analysis is planned?

What level of alpha is selected?

What are the expected findings?

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