two essays each 4-5 pages

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essay 1. (4-5 pages) compare two communication technologies that you yourself use (for instance, email vs Snapchat,voicechat vs texting). How do these technologies differ in terms of their affordances. How do they limit who can participate in a community/network? What protocols have emerged for using these media? why do you think these protocols emerged the way they did? (use readings “you are not a gadget” and “Peters speaking into the air” and “….” for comparison

essay 2. (4-5) pages. Construct an argument that compares the ways that women on a mail order bride website and on a Facebook profile (or other social media website) present themselves. you can find mail order bride websites through this link

please do not register for a site. keep searching until you can find a mail- order bride website that you can view without registering.

How are women portrayed?what kind of characteristics do you find out about women? what kinds of relationships do they say they are looking for? what kind of men do you think they are anticipating?

In developing your argument, you can focus on how websites structure communication, how the websites link potential wives to national stereotypes, the different kinds of gendered assumptions inherent in the ways the women are represented, and so on. please be sure to COMPARE two different types of websites. please apply concepts taught in class. And please use the readings if you can do this with intellectual integrity (…)

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