Selling Medical Ultrasound Technology in Asia, health and medicine homework help

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Selling Medical Ultrasound Technology in Asia and answer the following questions

Identify all of the potential e

thical issues you see (if any). Describe and analyze the implications of


issue, including who or what may be affected by the company’s response. In identifying issues and

addressing their implications, your discussion should be as comprehensive as p


you should

consider any economic, social, or ecological implications, as well as the potential impact

at least


cultural differences you can identify.

Additionally, your analysis should thoroughly identify and discuss

at least

two potential

courses of

action that the company could take with respect to each

issue you have discussed. Clearly demonstrate

your reasoning process

identify and explain any ethical principles or arguments you are relying on; do

not simply state unsupported conclusion


If you choose to apply any approaches to ethical reasoning that you learned about in this course, clearly

state what they are and how you are applying them to this case. Of the possible solutions you

identified, which would you recommend that the co

mpany adopt as a resolution? Again, fully explain

and justify your recommendations. Finally, explain how you would implement each solution you have


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