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cognition is greatly influenced by information overload. Because we are
bombarded with thousands of stimuli, it is argued, we need to be
efficient in screening, sorting, and storing social information. But an
alternative view is that humans simply are not very good at remembering
the content of information that is presented to them. Jacoby and Hoyer
(1982) had subjects view a thirty-second videotape in U.S. shopping
malls and then had them answer twelve

true/false questions
pertaining to the videotape. Despite the facts that (a) the videotape
was viewed under ideal conditions, (b) the tape was of short duration,
and (c) the testing was done immediately after viewing, only 3.5 percent
of the respondents answered all twelve questions correctly. Could it be
that what we remember is simply not an accurate representation of what
we see?

Read the attached article and comment with several paragraphs. Please cite your references. 

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