Free Will and Moral Responsibility Forum, Disccussion Post, writing homework help

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Free Will and Moral
Responsibility Forum

Consider the existence
of free will. How does having the ability to choose influence moral
responsibility?  Do moral facts have a part to play in moral
responsibility? What happens to responsibility if we decide moral facts and
free will do not exist?

In each discussion forum, the object is to
increase understanding of many different ethical views. Keep in mind the Principle of Charity. We have a responsibility to be open to new ideas about ethics
here, just as you each have a responsibility to be open to your patients’
views. This openness includes the new theories introduced each week and the
participants’ views expressed in the forum. Seek to understand a view or
concept before criticizing it. If your understanding is incomplete, ask
respectful questions targeted at the ideas, and not the person expressing them.
Answer questions honestly and with respect.  We also have a responsibility
to express our own views in such a way that invites discussion.  Avoid
stereotypes and labelling groups or people, discussing ideas respectfully
without use of irrelevant information about the arguer.  Avoidance of the
ad hominem fallacy is crucial to ethical discussion.  This does not mean
that disagreement is off limits! Disagreements are best made with support and
respectful discourse and questioning.

Post needs to be 250 words or more. 

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