Business and ethics, essay help (3-5 pages)

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This paper should
be 3-5 pages long, and must involve both business and ethics in a significant
way.  (A @page@ means a full double-spaced page with
no more than 1-inch margins and a 11-12 point font. Going over 5 pages is OK,
but you should avoid going much under 5.) 
Please note that your instructor may submit your essays to,
which is a plagiarism-detection service

The quality of the essay’s content. (How well the paper demonstrates an
understanding of the ethical and business issues discussed, and the quality of
the analysis, argument, or research included in the essay).

The originality of the essay
(The extent to which the essay represents your own intellectual
activity, as opposed to simply paraphrasing someone else’s ideas, arguments, or

The quality of the writing.  (The
extent to which your essay demonstrates college-level written communication
skills.  An essay that displays extremely
poor grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc., will not earn a passing grade.)

The paper
must deal in a substantial way with some moral issue relating to business. The
main rule is that the paper must deal both with ethics and with some aspect of
business or the workplace (including non-profit organizations).

 A traditional research paper that
explores the legal, historical, or business background of some ethical or legal issue Are there limits to when and how an
employer should be allowed to conduct drug tests?  Should an employer be
allowed to conduct random tests on Monday morning for drugs that s/he may have
used over the weekend?  Does it matter what kind of job the employee

As discussed in the virtual lecture, a large consensus exists that the more
job-related an employee’s behavior is, the more legitimate it is for the
employer to monitor and/or attempt to control it.  But where exactly
should the line be drawn?  Can you think of any  cases where it is
especially difficult to draw the line? 

 Does a full-time employee
of a profitable company have a right to a decent wage? Or is all fair in the
labor market?  If I devote all of my working time to a company, if
I work hard and work well, and if the company is doing well, do I have a
right to be paid enough money to support my family?  Do I have a right to
enough money to afford a middle-class lifestyle?  Or is it morally
legitimate for even a profitable company to pay me as little money as the labor
market and minimum wage laws allow?

 Remember: A college research paper should do
more than simply report on a few hours of casual web surfing. A good research
paper uses the results of careful research to answer a question or support a

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