literature circles

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Each PoP activity has different components that you will include in the assignment. Review the specific steps in the textbook and modules/weeks (labeled with each activity). You do not write lesson plans for these activities; instead, you will create a cluster, concept web, or chart to show what is included in each step of the PoP. Include quality children’s literature, state standards, and address a minimum of 1 of the 6 language arts in the assignment. Submit the assignment as one Microsoft Word document and not multiple documents. See specific instructions for each PoP below.

Specific Guidelines

  • Literature Focus Units (Module/Week 3)
  • Select an award-winning book as the focus.
  • Select 1 of the 6 language arts to focus on for this unit.
  • Identify 3–4 language arts standards and grade level for this unit.
  • Create a chart, cluster, or concept web to show your literature focus unit by following the 7 steps below. Include a current APA-formatted reference page.
  • Step 1: Book selection
  • Step 2: Standards
  • Step 3: Activities (Use activities that would be appropriate for 1 of the 6 language arts in the circles.)
  • Step 4: Differentiation
  • Step 5: Digital resources/technology
  • Step 6: Assessment
  • Step 7; Schedule overview (when will this PoP be used during teacher’s language arts instruction?)
  • The title of the book must be placed in the center circle or top of the chart, with each of the outside circles/boxes representing the other steps.

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