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 Based on my research and observations, the blockbuster mentality is very persuasive. The blockbuster mentality has characteristics that include young adults as the target audience, are action packed big budget releases, they have heavy merchandise tie-ins, and most have a possibility of a sequel. The movies that define blockbuster mentality are trendsetting an engaging thus becoming very popular and persuasive. With such media and publicity surrounding these type of films, in every media source, no who one can deny the power of persuasion that they have.
    Movies that are on the list of the Top 25 all-time highest grossing movies in the United States of America have displayed one or more of the characteristics of blockbuster mentality.   Nearly all of the top 25 grossing films feature animated or digital composited characteristics. This reinforces the fact that the highest grossing film we are predominantly advertised for children. They know firsthand, how easy children are to be persuaded. Children are young, naive, and have a very short attention span. I believe those film specifically are geared toward younger people being that they are very impressionable. It is no surprise that children and teens are the easy audience to capture, even minus the graphics. The blockbuster mentality is most prominent with this type of audience, they younger ones seen to form a better attachment with the film and all of the media, merchandising, and sequels.

In a 5-7 page essay entitiled “The Blockbuster Mentality”, discuss these sentiments. Do you agree or disagree?

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