Please answer each question in 50 words

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1.Are there common errors of thinking? Please discuss in further detail. Chapter 4 discusses how to use critical thinking to reduce errors in thinking and to remain open to differing perspectives.

2.Have you encountered flawed thinking in your life? What impact did such thinking have on you or others? Understanding what fallacies are and how to find them is an important aspect of critical thinking. Chapter 5 discusses the various types of fallacies and provides examples so you can readily spot them in your own discussion

3.”Ad Hominem Fallacies, Bias, and Testimony” how can ad hominem fallacies cause biased thinking, consciously or unconsciously? Please be specific ion your response.

4.There may be times when we experience errors in our thinking processes. These errors can affect the decisions that we make, and how we communicate and interact with others.

Discuss the following questions:

  • How do errors in thinking relate to fallacies?
  • What are some common errors in thinking?
  • When was a time you experienced one of these errors? What was the result?

5.Fallacies can be presented in different contexts, and they may not always be easily identifiable.

Discuss the following questions:

  • What are 2 fallacies you have personally encountered?
  • How did these fallacies affect the situation in which they were presented?
  • Why is it important to identify fallacies?

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